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Независимый портал 2018 год » Полезное » Школа и ВУЗ » Готовые примеры Эссе по Английскому языку ЕГЭ 2018
Готовые примеры Эссе по Английскому языку ЕГЭ 2018
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Готовые примеры Эссе по Английскому языку ЕГЭ 2018 с переводом на русский язык

Эссе по Английскому языку ЕГЭ 2018 шаблоны, структура, правила написания, темы и аргументы написания Эссе

Скачать примеры Эссе по Английскому языку ЕГЭ 2018

Демоверсии по Английскому языку 2018. Задания с решением и ответами

Teamwork skills have become highly valued by employers. However, some people say that
sometimes teams cannot work successfully.

Nowadays more and more employers demand teamwork skills. Good collaboration by team members
helps achieve goals more easily. However, bad collaboration leads to unsuccessful performance. So
what are the pros and cons of teamwork?
Personally, I think that the more people there are in a team, the greater productivity is. Team
members can communicate, exchange their ideas and share their experience and skills with each
other. If a company has a team full of creative people who complement one another, then achieving
the goal is far more likely. To my mind, every team member should be able to make the right decision.
A well considered decision will lead his or her team to success.
But not everybody can work effectively in a team. Some people put their own needs first and do not
think of the common goal. Others cannot acknowledge and appreciate the contributions of other
members of the team. Quite a lot of employees try to force their ideas upon others, or look down on
other people. They are reluctant to cooperate or seek advice from other members. Furthermore, some
people cannot maintain good relationships with their colleagues and handle criticism and complaints
appropriately. As a result, such individuals find it difficult to work with other team members and the
team will not be able to succeed. But I strongly feel that it is very important to develop one's teamwork
skills because they can help employees make a career.
To conclude, I believe that the success of the team depends on every its member. That is why every
employee must do his or her best to help the team succeed.

Some people think that to be a success you need talent; others believe that hard work can
compensate for the lack of it.

What is success? People define this notion in many different ways. Success may mean the
achievement of what one wants or intends, a high position in society, one's job, course or sport. Some
people believe that success is connected with the amount of money they earn. But quite a lot of
people don't know what they need to be successful.
To my mind, if you want to succeed, you must work hard. Even the most talented person will never be
successful if he or she is lazy All successful people face a number of challenges at the beginning of
their career. They have to overcome many difficulties, but they don't give up. At last their persistence
leads to success. Success always goes hand in hand with hard work and great efforts and one often
faces a lot of obstacles, troubles, disappointment and failure on the way to success.
However, some people think that if a person is not talented, he or she will hardly succeed. As a rule
ordinary people have ordinary lives. No matter how hard they work, they can never get results. People
who are not talented, but industrious usually become good workers, but they are not likely to make
great discoveries or to invent something that can revolutionize the world. But I still believe that one
must be hard-working, patient, and strong-willed if one wants to be successful.
In conclusion, I would like to add that people are successful if they use all their talents and work hard
in order to improve the world and to make it a bit better.

Some people say that it is impossible to work without inspiration. Others say that
inspiration is not essential.

People of different professions have been looking for inspiration for centuries. But we still don't know
what inspiration is and where it can be found. Many people wonder whether inspiration is important in
our lives and what makes us feel it.
In my opinion, inspiration is part and parcel of the creative process. In this state we are capable of
making discoveries, writing poems, inventing new things and making something unusual. Every
masterpiece of art, literature, music or architecture has been created thanks to inspiration. This
wonderful feeling has nothing in common with mediocrity, boredom or idleness. When I feel
inspiration, I can work for many hours running and I never feel tired or bored. On the contrary, I am full
of energy and enthusiasm.
However, some people say that they have no inspiration. They consider their lives to be monotonous
and say that every day is exactly like the previous one. Working, saving, planning, bringing up their
children, doing household chores — these are the daily aspects of their lives. But I think that
inspiration is everywhere and it lives in every soul. Sometimes looking at the rising sun, falling leaves
or smiling children we feel the desire to create. Many things can inspire us and fill our head with new
ideas and thoughts.
To conclude, only love of their work and inspiration can make people create beautiful and unusual
things. Inspiration is very important because it makes us work, think, search, create and express
ourselves. In other words, it makes us live.

Some people think that the profession of a teacher is important and noble, while others
claim it has lost its positions and it is not as respected as it used to be.

A teacher is a person who plays a very important role in children's development, upbringing and
education. One should have some particular traits of character to be a success in this profession.
I strongly feel that the profession of a teacher is one of the most important professions in the world. A
teacher is always responsible for his or her pupils. He or she should encourage their inner
development, protect them from any negative influence and watch their progress carefully. A teacher's
responsibility is not only to educate a child. He or she should also understand pupils' feelings and
dreams, share their problems and give good advice. A real teacher is a person who can inspire his
pupils with interest and love for his or her subject. What is more, a teacher may even become as
important for children as their parents.
However, some people believe that nowadays teachers are not as respected as they used to be.
Unfortunately, this noble profession is not well-paid and it makes some people think that it is not
prestigious. Modern society respects money and power. That is why young people try to choose
professions which can make them rich and influential. Everybody is eager to make a career and to
become famous and successful. But good teachers do not strive for money or fame. Their only
concern is children's welfare.
To conclude, we should have the greatest respect for teachers. They are deeply devoted to their job in
spite of all problems and difficulties. We should be grateful to our teachers for their help, patience and

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Some people say that workaholism is a key to success. Others are convinced that it is rather
bad to be addicted to one's work.

Some people think that they will succeed only if they work a lot. If you are the first one in the
morning and the last one to leave at night, if you take fewer vacation days and never take a sick day,
you will do better than the people who don't do that. But is it really good to be a workaholic?
To my mind, workaholics often forget about work-life balance and suffer from the conflict between
work and family. They often sacrifice their health and loved ones for their jobs. They are too much
preoccupied with their careers and they have no time for rest, pleasure and spiritual development. As
a result, constant fatigue, physical and moral exhaustion, monotony and impossible pressure at work
and at home may cause stress. Consequently, it may result in a real breakdown of health. What is
more, workaholism may lead to early death, often on the job.
However, working hard is greatly valued in many countries. For instance, there are many people who
are addicted to their work in the USA. They always think about their work and feel frustrated if they are
kept from it, even during weekends and holidays. But I believe that workaholism is not the same as
working hard. I think that everybody should realize that being healthy and happy is more important
than making a career.
To sum up, workaholism is a serious social problem Workaholics' obsession with work is alloccupying,
which prevents them from maintaining healthy relationships and outside interests. So it is
better not to overwork and to protect your health.

According to some people, it is better to work abroad. Others say that they would prefer
working in their own country.

As nowadays travelling has become cheaper and easier, more and more people have the chance to
work in a foreign country. Millions of people are now working overseas. However, others are
convinced that it is better to work in your own country.
On the one hand, working in a foreign country gives you a wider view of the world. To my mind, it
gives you an opportunity to work on some international projects, to make friends with people of
different nationalities, to learn more about foreign culture, to gain useful knowledge and experience
and to learn foreign languages.
On the other hand, a lot of people say that it is rather bad when experienced specialists leave their
motherland in order to work abroad. Our country needs good doctors, scientists, inventors, sportsmen,
writers and so on. What is more, working abroad has a number of disadvantages. Firstly, it is rather
difficult to get a work permit. Secondly, settling in can also be a problem. Thirdly, a lot of people say
they find having to speak a foreign language 24 hours rather exhausting. But despite the challenges,
many people find working abroad extremely interesting.
To conclude, I think that working in a foreign country can help you improve your knowledge, broaden
your mind and make a career. If you give yourself time to settle in and discover new things, you will be
able to realize your potential and to succeed. Anyway, you can always return to your mother country
and work to improve its economy, politics or culture.

Some young people say that they want their future job to be well-paid. Others believe that
the most important thing is to love what you do.

In their professional lives, many people have to choose between love and money — between doing a
job they love that doesn't have great financial rewards, or doing a job that pays well but doesn't satisfy
the soul.
Personally, I think that my future profession must be interesting, rewarding and challenging. If it is
well-paid, but boring, I will hardly like it. I want to find a job that will give me an opportunity to travel to
foreign countries and to meet interesting people. Besides, I would like to work on some international
projects and to learn several foreign languages. My profession should help me develop in new
directions and suit my character, skills and abilities.
However, some people don't take into consideration their interests and dreams when they look for a
job. They think only about their future salary and they are even ready to do work that is too boring,
difficult or not demanding enough if they are paid a lot of money. Such people don't care about poor
working conditions or lack of support and communication at work. But to my mind, it is rather
exhausting to do the work that you don't like and to look forward to the end of your working day. You
will certainly feel stressed and dissatisfied.
To conclude, most young people lack work experience and seldom earn much money at the beginning
of their career. However, if they work for one company for a long time, they are likely to be given
several pay rises and to be promoted. Anyway, I think that your well-being is more important than your
bank account.

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Some young people believe that while at school they should concentrate on studying;
others think that working part-time has many advantages.

To work or not to work? That is the question which many young people ask themselves. What
advantages and disadvantages do part-time jobs have?
Nowadays a lot of young people are happy to get some job, for the money or the experience. They
work after classes, on weekends, or during vacations. To my mind, even part-time jobs can help them
pick up new skills, which they can develop. Working as babysitters, waiters, cashiers or shopassistants
young people learn to be industrious, persistent, communicative and to value time and
money. What is more, part-time jobs help develop such values as initiative, self-discipline, punctuality,
practicality and many others. Besides, a lot of young people prefer earning money to asking their parents for some.
However, some teenagers and their parents are sure that work will interfere with their studies and may
lead to falling grades. Besides, some young people think that it is too early for them to work. All they
need is to enjoy their carefree lives. In some families young people don't work because their parents
are rich enough and they do not need extra money they can earn. But I still believe that work is a
valuable experience for teenagers.
To conclude, it's up to you to decide whether to work part-time or to concentrate on studying. Anyway,
I think that work experience can help young people develop the skills which employers look for and
realize their own abilities.

Some people change their jobs every few years. Others say it is better to work for one
company for a long period.

Almost everybody dreams of having a good job and making a career. Some people prefer sticking
to one company for many years, while others, especially young people, are constantly looking for
something better.
Personally, I think that if you stay with one company, you will have an opportunity to learn everything
about it and to make a career. If you are devoted to your profession and work hard, you are likely to
be promoted. What is more, you can make friends with your colleagues and earn your employer's
respect. So, the company that you work for may become your family.
However, a lot of people have to change their jobs very often. If the employee thinks that his or her job
is not well-paid or his or her career is not advancing at an acceptable pace, why not look for
something else? Some people feel under impossible pressure at work. Others face situations that can
lead to stress such as poor relationships with colleagues, an unsupportive boss, lack of consultation
and communication, too much interference with their private, social or family lives, work that is too
difficult or not demanding enough, poor working conditions and so on. If people feel that they will
hardly achieve a higher position in this organization, they usually move to another company. In some
cases employees feel that they have outgrown their jobs and they have a desire to find something
more suitable to their personality and to develop in new directions.
To sum up, I believe that employees should decide for themselves what to do to make a career.
Anyway, both options have advantages and disadvantages.

At present there is no difficulty in choosing a career. However, many people say that it is
not so easy to find a really good job.

Nowadays young people have a lot of opportunities to receive good education and to find a wellpaid
job. In any city there are a lot of firms which need qualified specialists. So young people have a
wide choice of career options, but many of them think that it is difficult to find something suitable to
their interests and expectations.
Personally, I think that if you are clever, active and full of energy, you can easily find a good job. You
can even stay at home and search the Web for vacancies. Just use e-mail, send your resume to
several companies and wait for their offers. Then you can be selected for a job interview and you will
be asked some questions about your job history, skills, interests and so on. If you are suitable for the
post, you will be offered a job. If not, you can go on looking for other variants.
However, making a positive career choice is a problem which worries many people. Some of them
don't know what they are good at. When young people graduate from a University, they need to find a
job and most of them understand that it is not an easy task. Many companies, offices, firms and
factories demand work experience and that is why they don't want to employ people fresh from school.
As a result, the percentage of unemployed youth is rather high.
In conclusion, I would like to say that if you are lazy, you are not likely to find a good job. But if you do
your best to achieve your goal, you will certainly succeed.

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Generation gap has always been a topical problem. Some people believe that parents and
their children will never learn to understand each other. Others are convinced that generation
gap can disappear.

There have always been great differences between people of a younger generation and their
elders because of their different experiences, opinions, habits and behavior. Nowadays differences
between the two generations grew significantly, particularly with respect to such matters as musical
tastes, fashion, drug use, culture and politics.
In my opinion, you will hardly find a teenager satisfied with his or her parents. Neither will you find
parents not grumbling over "younger generation" of their children. Pop music, ultra-modern clothes,
noisy parties and children's wish to have more freedom become a stumbling-block on the way of
mutual understanding between adults and teenagers. So it seems that in most families parents don't
understand their children and children don't understand their parents.
On the other hand, the situation is not as bad as it seems to be. There are a lot of families where
parents love and understand their children and help them cope with all difficulties. Many adults and
teenagers have respect for each other's point of view. So it is possible to bridge the gap between
parents and their children. To my mind, communication is the best way to solve the problem. The
more time adults and teenagers spend together, the better they understand each other. Parents and
children should talk and discuss different things. Besides, it is very important for both adults and
teenagers to be selfless, patient and sincere.
To conclude, the generation gap can disappear. If we are a little wiser, we will find a key to the heart
of our parents.

Many teenagers enjoy being in a collective and are united in different subcultures. Some
youngsters, however, think that subcultures are for nothing.

Most teenagers are sensitive to what their friends think of them and they are ready to do
everything to be like their peers. So many youngsters experiment with minor delinquency,
inappropriate behavior and rebellion.
Sometimes young people express their protest forming different groups and clubs. They join these
clubs according to their interests: music, style of clothes, racial views and so on. For example, the
Skinheads are known for their intolerance to immigrants. They can be very dangerous as they attack
and kill people of other nationalities. Adolescents often join a juvenile delinquent group to improve
their status and to raise their self-esteem. There are various groups and subcultures in which deviant
behaviour and violence play an important role and increase a youth's status. To my mind, the
existence of subcultures leads to the increase in criminality. I strongly feel that if you want to protest,
you must do it peacefully without doing harm to other people and to yourself.
On the other hand, the situation is not as bad as it may seem to be. There are many teenagers who
don't belong to any subcultures. They are not involved in violent or criminal behavior and they spend
much time and effort on their studies and part-time work. Such youngsters know what they want and
feel that they are responsible for their future.
To sum up, young people's lives and happiness depend on our society: on the political and social
situation in the country, on our culture and morality. I think that if adults pay more attention to
teenagers' upbringing and education, there will be fewer subcultures and consequently fewer crimes.

Some people say that the main reason for juvenile delinquency is the family. Others believe
that there are many other factors that negatively influence young people's development.

Nowadays the problem of juvenile delinquency is becoming more complicated and universal. In
many countries rates of youth crime have dramatically risen. But why are more and more youngsters
involved in criminal and violent behaviour?
There are a lot of reasons for juvenile delinquency. I think that first and foremost, the family is to
blame. Many children and adolescents are neglected by their parents and some of them suffer
humiliation, abuse and violence at home. The number of mothers and fathers deprived of their
parental rights is increasing every year. Children who do not receive adequate parental supervision
are more likely to engage in criminal activities, to truant from school and to have delinquent friends.
Wishing to prove their maturity and independence some young people commit various offences, run
away from home and use violence against their peers.
Other reasons for juvenile delinquency include poverty, unemployment, low incomes among the
young, ineffective educational systems and so on. Many of the crimes committed by young people are
related to excessive alcohol use and drug abuse. Besides, young people's behaviour is greatly
influenced by their friends, neighbourhood and adults as well as by the social, economic, political and
cultural conditions prevailing in a country.
To sum up, there are quite a lot of factors that may have a negative influence on youngsters'
behaviour. I strongly feel that the prevention of juvenile delinquency is very important. More attention
should be paid to leisure and youth development activities that prevent young people from committing
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Medical travel is becoming more and more popular with many people» However, others say
that it has many disadvantages.

Travelling abroad for medical treatment has been increasingly growing lately. But why do many people
choose to go to foreign clinics and is medical travel as beneficial as it seems to be?
Medical tourists go to foreign countries for different reasons. Firstly, many patients want to undergo
certain medical procedures for lower prices. For example, the cost of different operations in India,
Thailand or South Africa is much lower than in the United States or Western Europe. Secondly,
medical travel gives people the opportunity not only to receive first-rate care from highly qualified
specialists, but also to have a holiday in an exotic country. Finally, many people go abroad in order to
avoid long waiting periods. In such countries as the USA or Britain a person may wait for a certain
medical procedure for a year or even longer. But in other countries a patient can receive the needed
treatment immediately.
Nevertheless, some people say that undergoing treatment abroad may be rather risky. For instance,
infectious diseases in such countries as Thailand or Malaysia are different from those in North
America and Europe. Foreign diseases may be extremely dangerous to weakened patients. What is
more, long flights should be avoided after certain medical procedures. Additionally, some holidayrelated
activities such as sunbathing or swimming may worsen patients' health. But to my mind,
medical tourism is great because people can combine leisure with medical procedures.
To conclude, medical travel can save your money and give you an opportunity to rest and visit other
countries. However, one should take all possible risks into consideration before making the final
decision to go abroad.

Some people are fond of travelling to exotic countries, while others say that exotic travel is
rather risky.

Many people dream of exciting travels to sunny, beautiful and interesting places in exotic
countries. But every tourist must remember that there are a number of risks that they need to be
aware of.
In my opinion, exotic travel gives you an opportunity to participate in exciting experiences. In exotic
countries you can ride a camel or an elephant, enjoy modern cities or picturesque little villages,
admire ancient temples and what not. Travelling to exotic countries many tourists would like to watch
the daily life of local people, to see mountains, jungles and beaches. I believe that exotic travel is very
rewarding because it can lead to totally new understanding of diverse cultures and lifestyles.
Nevertheless, arranging a perfect travel to exotic places is not an easy task. Travel agencies show
tourists colorful catalogues with beautiful beaches and modern hotels. Most people find it difficult to
explore this immensity of offers and spot the one that would let them admire a truly stunning seaside,
good service, clean beaches and high quality hotels. Many tourists feel ill at ease when they go to an
exotic country because they do not know much about its traditions and do not understand the
language. Some tourists may dislike the local food. Furthermore, they have no natural immunity to
foreign diseases. In addition, tourists may have problems with insects, public transport, thieves,
insistent street vendors and so on.
To conclude, many people say that once you have tasted the excitement of visiting exotic
destinations, you'll never want to stop. However, tourists must take precautions in order to avoid
unpleasant situations and to remain safe and secure.

People say that youth is the most wonderful period in a person's life. Others are sure that
young people face too many problems nowadays.

Many people are convinced that youth and happiness are synonyms. But an Arabian proverb says:
"Youth is a kind of illness cured only by the passing years".
I have always wondered why many people believe that youth is the most wonderful period in a
person's life. From the psychological angle, youth is a very complicated period when young people are
undergoing the painful transition from childhood to independence. They are facing psychological
problems that may cause aggression and lead to the rejection of adult values and experience.
Socially, many young people suffer from such problems as poverty, unemployment, low incomes, or
breakdown of the family. So alcohol and drugs may become a kind of psychological or emotional
escape for young people.
However, it would be wrong to say that youth is the most awful period in a person's life. It is the time of
parties, dates and entertainment. What is more, youth is the period of many happy moments, thrilling
experiences and wonderful discoveries. Young people don't usually have as many responsibilities and
duties as adults do. They don't have to work and they can spend their time on studies, hobbies and
entertainment. Youth is the time to make friends and to fall in love. Besides, young people are usually
active, enthusiastic and know what they want.
All in all, youth is a period which may be very complicated and happy at the same time. It is impossible
to protect young people from all problems and difficulties that they have to overcome. However, it is
necessary to support them and to help them use this period fruitfully

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Many people prefer to travel abroad; others say that there is much to be seen in our own

Most people find travelling very exciting. It gives them an opportunity to enjoy sightseeing, to
discover new things, to meet interesting people, to rest physically and morally and to get wonderful
For me there is hardly anything more interesting and exciting than a journey to a foreign country. I've
been to London, Paris and Rome and it is the most wonderful experience in my life. Travelling abroad
gives me a chance to feel thousands of miles away from home, to visit great cities and small villages,
to admire foreign architecture, cuisine and culture, to make friends and what not. What is more, it is
the best way to broaden your mind, to improve your knowledge of history and geography and to make
your life interesting.
However, a lot of people are sure that there is much to be seen in our own country. Indeed, it is
difficult to disagree with them. There are many places of interest in my native town: ancient churches,
monuments, museums and parks. One can go to Moscow and visit its theatres, cathedrals, art
galleries and what not. The Kremlin attracts thousands of tourists as it is the heart of Moscow and the
centre of the Russian government. St. Petersburg, the former capital of Russia, is known for its
magnificent palaces, famous museums, beautiful buildings and wide streets. Besides, there are many
small towns and villages in our country which are definitely worth visiting.
To conclude, we should learn everything about our own country first of all. But if we want to learn
more about the world around us and to expand the mind, we should travel abroad.

The car has become the most popular means of transport in the history of the world.
However, some people say that the world would be better off without cars.

Nowadays, almost every family has a car. A lot of people say that travelling by car is very
convenient, while others are sure that cars cause many problems.
In my opinion, the car is one of the most comfortable means of transport. Firstly, travelling by car is
fast and it helps you save plenty of time. Secondly, it is comfortable because you don't have to buy
any tickets and your car is always at your disposal. Thirdly, when you travel by car, you don't depend
on the weather. While driving, you can listen to music or the latest news on the radio. And finally, you
can stop where you want and have a snack or enjoy nature.
On the other hand, travelling by car has a number of disadvantages. First and foremost, it is bad for
ecology and health. Cars produce exhaust fumes which make the air foul and destroy the ozone layer
protecting the Earth from the dangerous rays of the Sun. The car is not a safe means of travel as
there are a lot of car and bus crashes. Travelling by car is not very convenient if the trip is long.
Besides, it is rather expensive as petrol is not cheap. What is more, when we travel by car, we may be
stuck in a traffic jam for several hours.
To sum up, I think it is rather difficult to do without cars nowadays. But if we want to be healthy, we
should sometimes ride a bike or walk.

Some people think that travelling by plane is very comfortable and convenient. Others say
that it has a number of disadvantages.

Nowadays we can't imagine our lives without travelling. We tend to travel longer distances and at
much higher speeds. Most people say there is nothing like travel by air for them.
Personally, I think that travelling by plane is very comfortable, quick and thrilling. It helps me save
plenty of time and gives me an opportunity to visit out-of-the-way parts of the world. I don't have to
worry about anything during the flight. I can relax, listen to music, read a newspaper or take a nap.
The stewardess will take care of passengers during the flight and will help them get comfortable in
their seats. I can always enjoy good service and tasty food. What is more, travelling by plane gives me
a wonderful opportunity to look through the porthole and to admire beautiful landscapes.
However, some people don't like travelling by air. Firstly, they complain that it takes them much time to
check in at the airport and to have their baggage weighed. Secondly, some flights may be delayed or
cancelled because of unfavourable weather conditions. Thirdly, those people who are airsick will
hardly find the flight very nice. Finally, aircraft engines emit noise and gases and contribute to air
pollution and global warming. Besides, a lot of people doubt that travelling by plane is safe. They are
afraid of plane crashes and terrorists. But as a rule much attention is paid to security: all luggage is
screened and all passengers are carefully examined.
To conclude, it is up to you to decide whether to travel by plane or not. Anyway, all means of travel
have their advantages and disadvantages.

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Some people think that graffiti is an art form, while others think that it is vandalism.

Nowadays graffiti can be seen in the subway and on the walls of many buildings. Some people,
especially teenagers, enjoy examining these drawings. But not everybody likes graffiti and recognizes
it as an art form.
I think that graffiti is definitely art. It is so popular nowadays that it can be seen in some museums and
art galleries. Graffiti varies from simple written words to elaborate wall paintings. One can see graffiti
on many websites, in fashionable magazines and ^en on clothes and toys. Some graffiti artists get
thousands of dollars for their paintings. To my mind, graffiti gives young people an opportunity to
express their feelings and to demonstrate their skills.
However, a lot of people say that graffiti is the work of vandals. According to them, it is silly and
aggressive and it makes cities ugly. Graffiti is sometimes revolutionary. It often has a reputation as
part of a subculture that rebels against authority. Besides, graffiti is still illegal in many places and
punishable by fines that is why most graffiti artists choose to remain anonymous. But in my opinion, if
the artists were given some place to practice their art, the attitude to graffiti would be different.
To sum up, nowadays graffiti has the status of "street art". Some paintings are really skillfully made,
while others are unsightly. Personally, I like graffiti, but I wouldn't like to see it everywhere.

Many pupils go on school trips. Some people say they are interesting and educational.
Other people say that they are a waste of time and children should learn in the classroom.

Most teachers are convinced that there is more to learning than lessons in the classroom. That is
why they try to create memorable learning experiences with the help of educational school trips.
School trips include a wide range of outdoor educational and residential courses, designed to
stimulate, educate and motivate pupils. To my mind, school trips help teachers inspire pupils and bring
subject areas to life. School trips broaden children's mind, improve their knowledge of history and
geography and make their lives interesting and eventful. Whether pupils want an educational school
trip within their country or abroad their aim is the same: to enjoy sightseeing, to discover new things,
to meet interesting people and to get wonderful impressions and learning experiences which educate,
excite and inspire.
However, some parents don't think that school trips are essential. They believe that pupils can learn
everything staying in the classroom. Other parents don't like the fact that they have to pay for most
school trips. Moreover, Moms and Dads are often afraid of possible dangers and difficulties which may
arise during any school trip. Nevertheless, statistics show that school trips are usually safe for
children. But reasonable safety measures are still required.
To sum up, a school trip is a challenging, rewarding and always exciting experience. Pupils will have
fun while learning new skills and capabilities. There is no better way to foster team building, positive
attitudes and a sense of personal achievement. I think that school trips will certainly benefit pupils'
performance back at school.

There are people, who think that the best way to travel in a town or in a city is on foot.
However a lot of others prefer driving a car or using public transport.

Today everybody understands that time is money. We can't afford to spend much time on the road,
so we use cars and public transport to travel faster.
On the one hand, we shouldn't forget that we can use our legs. In my opinion, when people travel on
foot, they can see much more on their way and enjoy the sights of a town or a city. We can stop
wherever we want and admire a beautiful church or monument or drop at a cafe or a shop. We won't
be stuck in a traffic jam for several hours and we will certainly avoid road accidents. What is more,
travelling on foot is much healthier that travelling by car or by bus. Walking is a perfect physical
exercise that strengthens the immune system, improves mental health and helps prevent many
On the other hand, travelling by car or by bus saves much time and effort. A lot of people prefer
driving cars as they have speed and comfort combined. When you travel by car, you don't depend on
the weather. For example, if it rains you won't get soaked. If it is cold, you can turn on a heater. While
driving, you can listen to music or the latest news on the radio. Public transport is not as popular as
cars. Nevertheless, thousands of people use it every day of their lives.
To conclude, it's up to you to decide whether to travel on foot, to drive a car or to use public transport.
As for me, I am young and energetic and I am for travelling on foot.

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Some people say that they are used to working or studying to the sound of music, while
others are convinced that music is a distraction.

Parents often complain that children listen to their favoutite records while doing their homework.
Some employees cannot imagine their working day without music. But is it all right to listen to music
and to work or study simultaneously?
Personally, I think that listening to music will hardly help you when you are studying mathematics or
physics or preparing for an exam. But music is fine when you are doing something that is quite
automatic. Many people, especially teenagers, claim that having music on while they study or work
can help improve their concentration. Besides, it makes the task seem less boring. Some teenagers
even like to do their homework to the sound of heavy rock.
However, for many people, it would be difficult not only to work with heavy rock music playing, but with
any kind of music at all. They say that music does not help them concentrate, and therefore study or
work. Most people need total silence to be able to work. If there's any background noise, they get
distracted and annoyed. But to my mind, loud chatter, whistle or rustle disturb us more than music.
To sum up, it is up to you to decide whether to listen to music while you study or not. I think that it is a
matter of personal preference. But it is not always good to have music playing in the office or
workplace. While it improves concentration or provides relaxation for some people, for others it may
be a distraction and even an irritant.

The silent film disappeared when the era of the talking film began. A lot of people say that
modern movies are much better than the early ones. However, some people are sorry about
the disappearance of the silent film.

Movies are truly the art of our time. Nowadays there are quite a lot of interesting films among
which we can find westerns, horror films, hits, comedies, science fiction films, thrillers, romance films
and many others. But why do some people still admire the first black and white films?
Personally, I am fond of modern cinematography. Nowadays films are skillfully made and contain a lot
of special effects. They attract people's attention with absorbing plots, stunning visual and sound
effects, exciting scenes and complicated scripts. One of the latest inventions is 3-D films. To my mind,
it is amazing to look at objects which seem to have length, depth and height. Besides, modern movies
have become easily accessible.
However, many people like early films that have picture but no sound. They say that modern movies
have lost something. Silent films were understandable to everybody without any words. They were like
a universal language and they united people of all nationalities. But now films have to be translated
into different languages and dubbed. They make our imagination work no more and sometimes they
don't help us relax and forget about our everyday problems as there is too much violence, filth and
horror in them. What is more, some people say that a lot of modern films are stupid and uninteresting.
But I believe that most of them have a successful run. They are watched, discussed and admired.
To conclude, I think it is difficult to compare modern movies to silent films. They are absolutely
different and have their own charm. Anyway, tastes differ and everybody can choose what to watch.

Some people are fond of 3D films and they are convinced that 3D will take over the cinema
in the future. Others are against 3D films.

Nowadays production companies are putting many films in 3D. Some people wonder if it will
enhance or ruin the film they want to see.
Personally, I think that watching a 3D movie is a great fun. It gives you a wonderful opportunity to
interact more with the film. To my mind, 3D movies prove that the technology can enhance not only
the experience, but the storytelling too. People perceive the world around them with depth. So it would
be natural to see films that are given more depth to the scene instead of flat images.
However, a lot of people say they were disappointed with 3D films. Firstly, some of them did not have
a feeling that they got their money's worth because of the lack of effects. Secondly, some movies have
3D graphics added later. It makes films darker and 3D effect is often not very good. Thirdly, some
people believe that when we see 3D we lose the artistry of the film. They also say that 3D movies are
made for amusement rather than for aesthetic pleasure. In addition, tickets are expensive and it is a
great disadvantage for people who are tight with money. They believe that 3D films are not worth the
extra cost and they are just a way for companies to boost profits. But I am convinced that a skillfully
made 3D movie is worth seeing.
To conclude, most people think that someday every movie will be released in 3D. But you still have a
choice today. If you do not want to watch movies in 3D you can choose the 2D version of a film

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